CFTP Presents: The Fast and The Furious

Join our riffing squad as they push, pull, and drag this week’s jalopy of a movie into the garage for a much needed “lol change”.

Cinematic For The People lends their commentary to 1955’s “The Fast and The Furious”, a film that pushes the limits of false advertising by being neither particularly fast nor overly furious. A movie that plods along for the first hour or so before exploding into a fury of semi-action for the last few minutes, driving over vast tracks of countryside and through giant plot holes.

Intermission Segments:
The Louisville Incident – Jim’s morning began with him waking up on a couch in a garage in Louisville. His day went… downhill… from there.
Truth, Justice, and The Canadian “Eh?” – Exploring what would’ve happened if Superman had landed in Canada as a child.
Mark – getting to know our newest Guest Riffer, Mark.

All that glorious stuff can be found in the link here.

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