CFTP Presents: The Clutching Hand – Part 4

Cinematic For The People delves into the wonderful world of old time movie serials with The Clutching Hand, a drama about a disembodied hand that roams from town to town, strangling the life out of innocents… Just kidding – aren’t we hilarious? This is about a scientist who discovers a formula to make gold, and is kidnapped by “The Clutching Hand”, a villain so lame that Batman would probably leave this one up to the Gotham Police to track down.

In this, the fourth of fifteen “Thunderbolt” chapters, it’s some hot man-on-man action as Ace Detective Kennedy and his trusty pal Watson go head-to-head with the nefarious Russian mobster known as “The Phantom Car”. Does that have anything to do with the episode… at all? Is this nothing but hyperbole and lies?

Then answer is… THUNDERBOLT!!!!!

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