CFTP On the Road: InterventionCon 2013!

Just when you think we’re just sticking to our online riffing…..we are taking our performance to WASHINGTON, D.C. (and Rockville, Maryland)! We will be at InterventionCon 2013 August 23-25, taking on Werewolf of Washington and The Fast and The Furious with the talents of Jim, Mike and Russ.

Don’t forget to stop by our booth and bring home a souvenir only CFTP can bring you – DVD’s, Servo replicas, and other fine wares.

There may be other surprises in store, but only if you come to InterventionCon!

See you later this month at InterventionCon!

(Hint, hint: You should go to InterventionCon this year and see us. In case we weren’t clear enough.)

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