New Movies Coming!

Tonight +Cinematic For The People makes history with what I think is going to be the largest “riff jam” we’ve ever done in one shot, combining the forces of our usual team of +Mike Dellheim +Russell Hannula +Mark S. +Jenny e +Marsha Barnes (when she gets off work, maybe) with riffing veterans+Glenn Rogers and +Kai Saffron to take on the twin headed hydras of Star Odyssey and The Clones of Bruce Lee.

I’m not entirely sure my team has worked it out yet, but Star Odyssey is a sequel to The War of The Robots, one of our Series 1 movies.

Star Odyssey – Star Odyssey
The Clones of Bruce Lee – The Clones of Bruce Lee (Full Movie)

The results from tonight’s experiments will be revealed in the next couple of weeks, but for now, here’s a screenshot of Mark looking serious at next week’s movie – bonus points to anybody who can identify the title – which is a giant sack of lies – of this movie.


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