CFTP Presents: Series Two

  • Began: Jan 15, 2014
  • Ended: August 31, 2014
  • Run: 13 episodes
  • Featuring: Jim, Russ, Mike
  • Co-Starring: Glen, Bronwyn, Mark
  • Guest Starring: Lauren, Kai, Jenny
After taking a year off to work on the CFTP Vs. project, CFTP returned in force in January of 2014.  With drastically improved graphics, better editing, a more comprehensive style-guide, and the team actually sort of knowing what they were doing at this point, it was the birth of a new era for CFTP.
No. Feature Released Summary
1 Octoman January15 2014 Scientists in Mexico seek out and kill an endangered species of octopus, all the while looking for the constantly-lost Davito.
2 Monolith Monsters January 22 2014 Rocks fall, everybody dies… The Movie!
3 Monster from a Prehistoric Planet January 28 2014 Scientists ignore the plaintive cries of natives as they kidnap an infant monster and take it back to Tokyo, causing the giant parents to follow.
4 Buck Rogers in Planet Outlaws February 5 2014 An original Buck Rogers serial edited down into a feature film by removing all the good parts.
5 The Revenge of Doctor X February 16 2014 An over-stressed NASA scientist goes on vacation in Japan to explore his other interests… namely, making a giant plant monster.
6 Star Odyssey February 26 2014 Remember The War of The Robots?  Yeah, it's another one of those..
7 The Clones of Bruce Lee March 8 2014 Is the plural of 'Bruce Lee Bruce Lees or Bruce Li?  Does it really matter when they're all kicking peoples?"
8 Black Cobra April 1 2014 When is the movie Cobra not the movie Cobra?  When you reshoot the entire thing in Italy and replace Stallone with Fred Williamson.  Then it's Black Cobra.
9 The Yesterday Machine April 28 2014 A Nazi hiding in Texas uses a time machine to try and change the results of the war.  The American Civil War.  Because… reasons.
10 She Gods of Shark Reef May 20 2014 Two brothers escaping the law hide out on an island surrounded by beautiful sharks.
11 Colossus and the Amazon Queen June 11 2014 A guy who is totally not Hercules lands on an island ruled by Amazon women – wacky sexy hijinks ensue.
12 Sister Street Fighter July 2 2014 After her brother (who everyone likes) is kidnapped by drug dealers, whats-her-face goes on a rampage to get him back.
13 Dead Men Walk August 31 2014 A murdered evil twin brother rises from the grave as a vampire.  Or a necromancer.  Or something.  But he's not Dracula.

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