The Guy With The Secret Kung Fu

Movie Description:

When two guys without any particularly “secret” kung fu are pitted against a gang of criminals / the mob / some random people led by an annoying kung fu woman and the former “Most Interesting Man In The World”, now an epic beard-wizard, an adventure of… something… is bound to break out. Throw in a fat zombie, some romantic subplots, and a wacky coffin maker… and you have this movie.

CFTP Commentary:

A fantastic tale of two brothers out to kick ass for any reason whatsoever. It’s not that I really expect an in-depth plot from any kung-fu movie, but I at least expect it to contain what it says on the tin… but still, good times to be had!


I came about knowledge of this movie from my misspent youth watching Cincinnati’s low-powered UHF late-night tv, specifically on an episode of Friday Night Fu, a local movie show thing that I had the honor of (briefly) working on towards the end of it’s run.  This movie has everything a good bad kung fu movie ought to have, and I stand by it to my dying day.

Awaiting Russ’ sage opinion on this film.


Intermission Segments

  • To be filled out.


  • The second kung fu/martial arts movie CFTP has done.
  • Released on Thanksgiving Day, 2012 in honor of MST3K’s Turkey Day
  • Jim’s favorite episode of Series 1

For Sale/Download:

  • Free – Watch here
The Guy With The Secret Kung Fu
Episode no. Series 1
Episode 12
Riffers Jim
Production code S1E12-TGWtSKF
Original air date November 22 2012
Guest Riffers
Episode chronology
The Galaxy Invaders
Space Transformer
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