The Galaxy Invader

Movie Description:

An unfortunate alien with ship trouble crashlands in the “bad” part of Earth, and is repeatedly assaulted, shot, hit, tied up, and molested by inbred drunk yokels before ultimately being killed.  And he’s the “bad guy” here.  That’s right, there’s only one galaxy and really no invaders, but there ARE a lot of incredibly bad people doing things to (as far as we can tell) an essentially innocent alien.

CFTP Commentary:

If there was ever a more compelling explanation to why aliens don’t reveal themselves to us, I don’t know what it would be. I also can’t think of more compelling reason why we never go to West Virginia. In either case, I’d be sure to keep track of my balls.


I was struck by how much Richard Ruxton, the actor playing Joe, looked and sounded like Jimmy Stewart.  Granted, it probably wasn’t the first time someone was struck by him… but I kept waiting for him to drop into George Bailey and start yelling “Merry Christmas, run-down house! Merry Christmas, corner where I buy my meth! Merry Christmas, you wonderful old liqueur store!”

Awaiting Russ’ sage opinion on this film.


Intermission Segments

  • To be filled out.


  • This movie is the source material for the opening sequence of “Pod People”, featured during the 3rd season of MST3K.
  • Performed live at Penguicon 2013
  • Credit watch: The film itself contains multiple people with the last name Dohler, all relatives of the producer Don Dohler.  The CFTP credits at the end of the episode similarly feature gratuitous use of the name Dohler.

For Sale/Download:

  • Free – Watch here
The Galaxy Invader
Episode no. Series 1
Episode 11
Riffers Jim
Production code S1E11-GI
Original air date   November 1 2012
Guest Riffers
Episode chronology
The Fast and The Furious
Curse of The Aztec Mummy
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