The Fast and The Furious

Someone is having the best day ever!  Not only has does an escaped prisoner steal a tricked out race car – one capable of blistering speeds of 10-20mph – he also winds up bringing along the car’s owner, most cooperative kidnap victim ever.  Together, the two will do all they can to win the race get a sandwich make it to the border and freedom.

CFTP Commentary:

I wanted to try and keep our mix of movies varied.  It was very tempting to do nothing but scifi/horror movies, because they lend themselves so well to the riffing form.  And a lot of the movies we injected into the mix – Return of the Kung Fu Dragon, for instance – are near and dear to my heart. 

If it sounds like I’m avoiding talking about this movie specifically… that’s because I am.  All I am willing to say about this movie is that there has never been a greater lie passed off on filmgoers than there was in this movie, in the inclusion of the words FAST and FURIOUS in its title.

I’m not entirely sure if this was a “thing” back in the day, but this lady sure does take being kidnapped really well. Disturbingly well actually. In fact I’m almost certain she was hoping something like this would happen… I mean, I would assume that she’d know beforehand that the race she was planning to enter didn’t allow women drivers, right? Maybe I’m thinking about this too much…

The alternate title of this should be “Stockholm Syndrome: The Motion Picture” because the leading lady of this movie pretty much makes a 180 fairly quickly, from trying to get away from her kidnapper (whom is, I might add, a suspected murderer on the lamb) to outright falling headlong in love with him!  She is a little wishy-washy here and there, loving and hating him alternately for little discernible reason, always attempting to escape at the least opportune times.  And yes, this whole movie is just an awfully slow race to a suspiciously unguarded Mexico; seriously, all they’ve got is a toll booth separating the two countries.

Intermission Segments

  • The Louisville Incident – Jim’s morning began with him waking up on a couch in a garage in Louisville. His day went… downhill… from there.
  • Truth, Justice, and The Canadian “Eh?” – Exploring what would’ve happened if Superman had landed in Canada as a child.
  • In addition to the episode performance, CFTP riffed this movie live at Penguicon and InterventionCon.
  • Mark – getting to know our newest Guest Riffer, Mark.


  • Recorded across multiple sessions August/September 2012 due to technical difficulties.  This is especially noticeable as the cast’s outfits change a few times.
  • In addition to the episode performance, CFTP riffed this movie live at Penguicon and InterventionCon.


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The Fast and The Furious
Episode no. Series 1
Episode 10
Production code S1E10-FAF
Original air date October 12, 2012
Guest Riffers

None (Mark officially counted as a primary riffer at this point)

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