Space Transformer

Movie Description:

Space Transformer is a South Korean-made 1983 faux anime about an alien invasion force bent on taking over the Earth first shrinking themselves to microscopic porportions and trying to take over the body of Ivy, a teenager who has all the world’s defenses routed through her brain. Since Ivy is the “world’s smartest girl”, our heroes shrink their own robot and join the battle raging inside Ivy.

CFTP Commentary:

For the record, I’d just like to say that the people who made this movie has officially made the number 1 spot on my list of people I will bludgeon if I were meet them in real life. That is all.


This movie, with it’s mix of horrible animation, bizarre plot, and incredibly unintelligble voice acting, made it a prime candidate for our attention. We’ve now seen it enough times that simply saying “Space Transformer” to one of us will cause a violent reaction.

Awaiting Russ’ sage opinion on this film.


Intermission Segments

  • To be filled out.


  • The first movie that the revived CFTP ever riffed
    • April 30, 2011 – Penguicon 2011
    • July 9, 2011 – Ikasucon 2011
    • September 9, 2011 – NMACon 2011
    • April 27, 2012 – Penguicon 2012 (surprise unplanned performance)
  • South Korea, at the time this film was made, had an embargo on all Japanese culture, so the creators felt free to heavily borrow from Japanese style… and character designs… and robot designs… from multiple series in constructing this Frankensteinian monster.

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  • Free – Watch here
Space Transformer
Episode no. Series 1
Episode 13
Riffers Jim
Production code S1E13-ST
Original air date December 6 2012
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The Galaxy Invaders
“CFTP Christmas Special 2012”
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