Atomic Rulers of the World

Movie Description:

Atomic Rulers (from Outer Space) is a 1964 super hero film from Japan starring Japan’s own version of Superman, aka Starman (aka Super Giant, Spaceman, Tater Salad, Kaiser Soze). This first installment has Starman, a well meaning alien from the Emerald Planet of Interpretive Dance, battling the nation of Mongolia who is attempting to bomb the rest of the planet into submission using nuclear suitcase bombs, all while navigating his way through some orphans and a nun.

CFTP Commentary:

With the hope that the “Super Giant” series could be to us what Gamera was to MST3K, we embarked upon this first movie with eyes wide open and hearts optimistic. That turned out to be a mistake. Between creepy scenes of gangsters nearly kissing Japanese boys in the back of towncars, Starman’s suspicious spandex bulge that seems to grow larger and larger as the movie goes on, and never-ending fight sequences where Starman kills hundreds of suit-wearing mooks that don’t apparently realize that if bullets can’t harm him, punching him is an even less effective strategy. Whether future endeavors will feature the remaining three movies remains to be seen.


Introducing the galaxy’s most powerful troll, “Atomic Rulers” just goes to show how much of an arrogant prick you can be when you’ve got super powers. Not that I blame the guy… if I had Starman’s powers I’d probably troll the crap out of gangsters and wear skin-tight spandex too. What’s really important though is that this movie marks our introduction to the greatest actor in the history of movies… Car.



Russ has yet to share his deepest insights about this movie.



  • This was the second movie the revived CFTP riffed, after Space Transformers, premiering it in 2012 for Penguicon.
  • The riffers found Starman so unlikeable that they began openly cheering for “Car”, the 1957 Ford Fairlaine 500, when it tried to run over him.  Car later became the “mascot” for Series 1.

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Atomic Rulers of the World
Episode no. Series 1
Episode 7
Production code S1E07-AR
Original air date August 16 2012
Guest Riffers


Episode chronology
Gamera vs Jiger
The Werewolf vs The Vampire Woman
CFTP Presents Series 1 Episodes

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