CFTP Presents: Series One

  • Began: May 17, 2012
  • Ended: Dec 6, 2012
  • Run: 13 episodes
  • Featuring: Jim, Russ, Mike
  • Guest Starring: Jenny, Mark
CFTP had been around as a live show for a few years, but the official “show” show that you see today didn’t get kicked off until mid-2012 when Mike (who lives in Michigan) and Jim (who lives in Ohio) were trying to figure out a way to practice their act long-distance.  Along with some other future CFTP regulars and alumni (Russ, Jenny, Hilary, and Poe) they engaged on several experimental Skype sessions, but had serious issues keeping the movies synced up and making sure everyone could hear everyone else.  When Google+ began rolling out advanced functions (like recording, YouTube synchronization, etc) to their Hangout feature, Jim started playing around with the capabilities, and a show was born…


No. Feature Released Summary
1 Battle Beyond The Sun May 17 2012 Two rival empires race to the stars, where sabotage and death by giant space vaginas await them.
2 Sisters of Death May 31 2012 Years after accidentally killing one of their own, a social clique meet under mysterious circumstances.
3 The War of The Robots July 3 2012 An army of silver jumpsuit-wearing robo-men kidnap a scientist and set off a series of events leading to Earth's destruction.
4 Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter July 16 2012 Legendary gunslinger Jesse James runs into the granddaughter of the legendary scientist and legendary stuff goes down.
5 Return of the Kung Fu Dragon July 28 2012 Years after an empire falls to invaders, the inept children of the defeated generals return to try and do what their highly skilled parents could not.  Also, midget.
6 Gamera Vs Jiger August 8 2012 Scientists accidentally awaken yet another monster and it's up to Gamera to save the day… if he can overcome morning sickness.
7 Atomic Rulers August 16 2012 Starman, a benevolent overlord from The Emerald Planet, comes to Earth to stop radiation by punching mobsters.
8 The Werewolf vs The Vampire Woman August 22 2012 A couple of globetreking gals befriend a kindly werewolf, then accidentally wake up a vampire queen.  Hijinks ensue.
9 Curse of The Aztec Mummy  September 20 2012 Evil scientist 'The Bat' makes another bid to get his hands on Aztec treasure, tripping repeatedly over the comatose body of would-be crimefighting luchador 'Angel'
10 The Fast and The Furious  October 14 2012 An escaped prisoner steals a race car and the most cooperative kidnap victim ever in a bid to make it to the border and freedom.
11 The Galaxy Invaders  November 1 2012 An innocent alien accidentally crashlands in the bad part of Earth and is repeatedly shot and violated by drunken rednecks.
12 The Guy With The Secret Kung Fu  November 22 2012 Two guys, neither with overly secret kung fu, try and take on corrupt officials and a zombie-controlling wizard.
13 Space Transformer December 6 2012 Alien invaders take over the body of Ivy, the world's most talented girl, and our heroes shrink to miniature and inject themselves into her.  Or something.

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