Russell Hannula

Little is known for certain about this strange yet oddly amiable mad scientist. He often presents himself as the “Baron of Blueberry Hill”, which is apparently somewhere in the wilds of central Quabbin County, Massachusetts, though such a county doesn’t appear on most maps. Blueberry Hill is also apparently filled to bursting with it’s titular delicacy, which Russell tends to dutifully.

His technical Ingenuity seems quite advanced as evidenced by his ability to build artificially intelligent robots and other strange devices. He is known to live with at least two AIs known as “Norm” and “Reginald” respectively. A suspected third AI has proven to actually be a cyborg, essentially a human brain in a robot body. This being goes by the name “Professor Klaus Cobalt” and has been known to occasionally accompany Russell on various “good will missions”. It is rumored that Russell, Klaus and the rest of the Hannula clan are time travelers from the future. It is known that while Russell holds down the fort, Klaus is out trotting the globe (and possibly the time space continuum) working towards his own mysterious schemes and projects.

Russ also dabbles in gene modification, specifically combining animal and plant DNA to create completely new and sometimes horrifying organisms. His purposes for doing this appear to be pure curiosity, though Klaus seems to encourage this characteristically mad scientist-like behavior. Also, for some reason Russell also seems to have extensive knowledge of the crafting of artisanal goat cheese.

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