Mike Dellheim

Mike_Ninja1A ninja of extraordinary (albit unorthodox) ability, was a nomad traveling the convention circuit seeking the wisdom of true Geekness. It was during these travels that he met Jim, who dared him to take up the greatest challenge imaginable… the Public Domain. So Mike joined CFTP to train his mind to withstand any attack by enduring the absolute worst movies they can find. Thus far it has been mildly successful. Since joining, Mike has taken up the mantle of Otakukage and still travels, recruiting young ninjas into his newly founded home Chicagakure “The Village Hidden in the Basement”.

A few members of the village have made note of themselves in recent years, including a hybrid robot-blender named Montel (who may or may not be the illegitimate son of┬áHal Sirveaux via a drunken tryst with a blender during a convention), a camerabot originally built by Russ named Camden (who may or may not have been corrupted by the internet so badly that he had to leave Blueberry Hill before his influence spread to the other robots), and the village’s first jonin simply known as Generic Ninja #42 (who may or may not be so shy that if he’s ever seen in public he’ll run away and hide).

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