Jim Hanson

If you were going to blame any single human for Cinematic For The People, Jim Hanson is probably the person to blame.  His lifelong love of bad movies, combined with his extensive collection of Giant Robots and the apparent willingness to sacrifice friends and family to the bad movies he encounters, have culminated in the project known as Cinematic For The People.

Jim, a former radio DJ and videographer in the local Cincinnati market, tried once to make CFTP in the late 90s, a plan that (like many things in his life) failed horribly.  He realized then that he needed something more, something special, to put them over the edge.

That something special came to Jim in the form of a large satellite that crashed near his house on August 8, 1999.  From this wreckage, he designed and build the original  Riff-o-tron 3X and programmed the highly temperamental CFTP Operating System, the device CFTP used to run their commentary for Season 1.  He also salvaged parts from the satellite for what would – eventually – become Dr. Hal Sirveaux.

Jim eventually traveled the country – in secret, under the alias Adam Smithee, recruiting allies from across the globe to join his rag-tag group of experimental riffers.  Now that CFTP has officially been launched, Jim is serving as the group de facto leader, as well as editor, riffing talent, bot builder, and guy who shows up to conventions in a dress occasionally.

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