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CFTP Presents: Black Cobra

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Cinematic For The People presents "Black Cobra"! As TV's very own Russ says, it's like Stallone's "Cobra", except it stars Fred Williamson and isn't nearly as good! Simple enough, right? C'mon, you know you want...

CFTP Presents: Star Odyssey

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A fresh-faced young alien warlord buys planet Earth at a discount, only to discover the reason it was so cheap is that it's infested - with humans. To stop their entire race from being sold into slavery, the pesky hum...

CFTP Presents: The Revenge of Doctor X

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A guy named Doctor X has some revenge. Or not. Ok, so the title is a complete lie. There is no Doctor X, and he doesn't really have revenge on anyone, unless you happen to like dogs, small animals, and children,...

New Movies Coming!

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Tonight +Cinematic For The People makes history with what I think is going to be the largest "riff jam" we've ever done in one shot, combining the forces of our usual team of +Mike Dellheim +Russell Hannula +Mark S. +...

CFTP Presents: Buck Rogers in Planet Outlaws

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In the 1930s, Universal released Buck Rogers as a 12-part serial in theaters. In the 1950s, their attempts to make new and interesting programming quashed by the destruction of most rocket cars and jetpacks in The ...

CFTP Presents – Monster from a Prehistoric Planet

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This week, Team CFTP ponder the ancient Zen Koan, "When is a Godzilla ripoff not a Godzilla ripoff?" whilst watching "Monster from a Prehistoric Planet". When eager scientists swipe an egg from a Pacific island, the b...